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Multi Bookbinding - A tradition of excellence

Flex Cover Binding

At Multi Bookbinding, our expertise in casebinding (also known as hardback binding or reliure caisse) is our trademark service. Our clients have asociated this type of binding with our business for over 25 years. We have put a lot of energy and resources into developing this niche market for our company. Multi Bookbinding is the principal casebinder in theacross Canada and the United States.

Multi Bookbinding specializes in this type of binding, generally used for high-end books such as yearbooks, scholary works:

  • Casebinding produces a book identified by its hard covers, which are slightly larger than the actual bookblock (pages).
  • Casebinding can use leather or cloth for the covers, resulting in a vast range of colours and textures offered.
  • Casebinding allows for a wide range of options to add value to a bound book – the most common add-ons are headbands & tailbands, stamping and dustjackets.

Technical Standards :
The boards used for the front and back covers can vary from 50 – 100 points. The spine of the book can either have a board (known as squareback) or no board (known as roundback). Normally, one should use the roundback format on spines wider than 0.75″ (19 mm).
Equipment :

At Multi Bookbinding, we use specialized precise equipment to ensure optimal quality at speeds of up to 2,000 volumes per hour. We have been able to successfully tailor our work methods to the industry’s average run, which has rapidly changed over the course of the last few years and is now stable at 1,250 copies.

Multi Reliure has also developed a work method focused on the quality of the finished product, beginning with the training of our staff and the rigorous maintenance of our equipment. Our success is the result of joint teamwork.

Reliure intégrale :

Also known as dutch binding or reliure intégrale, this type of binding is very widespread in Europe. It has all of the characteristics of a standard casebound book but with a soft cover of 12 points (3 mm).This specialized construction results in a flexible product for the benefit of the end-users – for example, it is an ideal format for travel guides.

At Multi Bookbinding, we have solutions for your needs.
Contact our advisors and estimators for further information. We can direct you to the specific production method to meet even your most sophisticated needs. Your challenges are our drive and our passion. A visit to our facilities will convince you of our ability and our capacity to respond to your highest needs!

Features   icon_avantages

  • More economical than casebinding
  • 12pts Cover
  • Ability to bind thick documents (up to 3.125″)
  • Great flexibility
  • Spine is not glued

Equipment   icon_outils

Kolbus BF 526

  • Pre-heat channel for roundback
  • Speed of 3,600 volumes / hour
  • 6 pressing units
  • Automatic application of head & tail bands
  • Thickness detector


  • Inline scoring and folding for better precision
  • Turn edges on all 4 sides
  • Ability to set up multiple scores
  • Trimming specially designed for integral-binding

Muller Martini Inventa Plus

  • 2 sewing lines
  • Speed 3,000 sections / hour
  • Signature detection cameras