A tradition of excellence

December 2015

Investment at Multi BookBinding

Multi Bookbinding has just completed two important transactions. The acquisition of K.D. Bindery and Alternative Bindery will not only consolidate the company in the binding industry, but also add ten employees to their staff.

“We have acquired the assets of two businesses, K.D. Bindery and Alternative Bindery. This is part of our revival plan,” explained Yvon Sauvageau, general manager of Multi Bookbinding, when reached by Hebdo last week. These two acquisitions represent an investment amounting to $800,000.

Multi Bookbinding purchased the assets of K.D. Bindery, specializing in hard case and binder production. “This will strengthen the scope of our operations. We were doing this kind of production for samples before, but to a lesser extent. Now we possess the necessary equipment for it and can better serve our customers with this new expertise,” added Mr Sauvageau. In the final stages of a sale, samples give the customer a better overview of a product. “Think of all those who work in the industry of coverings, such as carpets and blinds. Hair salons, too, with sample color hair-swatches in hard cover cases to show to their clients.”

Creation of ten jobs

Multi Bookbinding will soon benefit as well from the arrival of 10 employees from Alternative Bindery. Staff at the city-based business will decrease, while some employees will move to the plant.

“This transaction will strengthen our operations in spiral and Wire-O binding and help us to develop them further. Alternative Bindery is often sought out for academic calendars, for example. We have organized an area of 8,000 square feet at our plant to accommodate these employees and their equipment,” said Mr Sauvageau, on the subject of this move, which will take place June 30. Already, the addition of these new services has attracted client interest, according to the general manager.

“The binding industry is evolving, but we have confidence and are in a dominant position. We are also considered a dynamic business, taking bold steps,” added Mr Sauvageau. As proof, Multi Bookbinding has allocated $150,000 for the renewal and upgrading of its equipment fleet in this current fiscal year.

(Source: St-Maurice Hebdo)