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Multi Bookbinding - A tradition of excellence

Ring Binders and Sample Cards

Since they can represent your business image, our binders (ring binders) are produced with great attention to detail and quality. Several thicknesses of boards, ring formats and spine formats are available. Our binders will efficiently fulfill your filing and storage needs. You can add a touch of distinction to them with our MegaFlex (EuroFlex) spine, easily recognized by its round and ribbed appearance.

Multi Bookbinding uses specialized, modern CMC Italia equipment, Virgo, Spotter, Ariemat and Heliomat, which help create added-value to your product. Our expertise is a considerable asset for printers to consider when the time comes to choose a trusted supplier. In April 2014, Multi Bookbinding acquired the assets of KD Bindery, formerly known as South Shore Bookbinding. KD Bindery was a dynamic business specializing in the production of ring binders and large-format sample cards for over 25 years.

 The production of ring binders requires much of the same equipment used in case binding. This is what guided Multi Bookbinding in diversifying our product offerings in 2014. The production of sample cards requires large-format equipment that can go up to 42.5″ with board thicknesses up to 200 points.

Multi Bookbinding stands out in this type of binding, using our knowledge and expertise in adding different value-added elements to our products, such as rings, pockets, dividers, stamping and laminating.

– Ring Binders have a long lifespan of usefulness, offering the ability to easily insert documents from day to day.

– Sample Cards should be very durable, and require highly-precise work.

Multi Bookbinding excels in this area with the utilization of specialized equipment for large formats and for employee training.

Technical standards:
The folds in sample cards can be made in several different ways, and Multi Bookbinding has mastered the three common 120 points and three-piece construction.
 Multi Bookbinding uses a Kolbus DA 240 case maker for sizes narrower than 26″ wide, and a CMC HSV-70 production line for larger widths reaching up to 42.5″ wide or for board thicknesses greater than 135 points.

We’ve also added two high-performing CMC machines – Heliomat and Ariemat. The Heliomat is used for gluing boards with cold glue. This glue is very durable and, most importantly, very flexible. This allows for a longer lifespan for our binders and also helps prevent the lamination from peeling away from the edges of the board. The Ariemat is a programmable creaser that can produce highly precise creases for folding on boards ranging from 50 – 120 points, and is extremely useful in making MegaFlex or EuroFlex spines, which require multiple scores.

Our expertise, along with our sophisticated equipment, makes us a fast, reliable and innovative partner.

At Multi Bookbinding, we have solutions for your needs. Contact our advisors and our estimators for further information. We can direct you to the specific production method to meet even your most sophisticated needs.

A visit to our facilities will convince you of our ability and our capacity to respond to your highest needs!