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Multi Bookbinding - A tradition of excellence

Wire-O binding

For more than 25 years, Multi Bookbinding has continuously worked on improving our offering of bindery services.

In June 2014, Multi Bookbinding announced the acquisition of the assets of Alternative Binders. Thanks to this acquistion, Multi Bookbinding increased our service offering in a strategic and advantageous way for our clients. Alternative Binders specialized in perfect binding and mechanical binding (spiral and wire-o binding), producing agendas, calenders and books. These diverse offerings, combined with those of Multi Bookbinding, now give our company the most complete offerings in the industry. These new mechanical binding services (plastic spiral, metal spiral and wire-o) align perfectly with our company’s mission. Many different products require hard covers, perfect binding, laminated covers, folding and gluing or hot stamping; some of these services had already been offered by Multi Bookbinding for several years.


Spiral bindings can be made from plastic (PVC) or metal (encased in nylon). Plastic spirals have the advantage of resisting deformation, and they are available in a range of 18 solid colors (see the chart on the Spiraplast website), with the option of creating custom colors. The plastic is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and meets European standards (which are among the strictest in the world). Our plastic spirals do not contain lead or phthalates, and all of the materials are sourced from North America (not China, unlike other products in the market).
With metallic spiral and wire-o binding, the color choices are limited to black, white, green, red, blue, silver, bronze and pewter.


The greatest advantage with mechanical binding is the ability for the documents to open flat and their 360° rotation, ideal for reference manuals and other documents that will be consulted frequently. This option also allows a combination of different substrates (paper, board, plastic, die cut pieces, folded pieces, etc.), without having to take into account grain direction during imposition.

Wire-O offers a superior and luxurious appearance with its metallic double-ring formation, allowing the pages to remain aligned when opening the document. This type of binding can be enhanced with the addition of round corners and detachable corners (perforated at a 45° angle), frequently used in the production of agendas. The binding can be completely visible, partially exposed on the back, or partially exposed on the spine. This binding is used for such classic products as desk calendars and wall calendars.

At Multi Bookbinding, we have solutions for your needs. Contact our advisors and our estimators for further information. We can direct you to the specific production method to meet even your most sophisticated needs. Your challenges are our drive and our passion. A visit to our facilities will convince you of our ability and our capacity to respond to your highest needs!